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Lovely store with very good service, located in the heart of Waikiki. I not only bought a necklace for my wife, but also purchased a men's bracelet which I wore for my entire 10 day vacation (in the ocean, pool, sand, etc). Very versatile and high quality jewelry. I will come back next time I am in Honolulu.

Jeffrey L.

Gorgeous jewelry made with great quality! The only jewelry I now wear and love how they’ll do custom pieces.

Michelle M.

Abosolutly love Pachulah!! I adore their products and quality and would recommend them to anyone! Not only is their product impeccable but their customer service is always on point! Definitely a must if you haven't been or bought their products.

Jess E.

Always so nice shopping here! Love it is local. This is my go to spot for Bridal Shower gifts for my girlfriends.

Ciara G.

I’ve purchased multiple custom pieces from Pachulah and was very pleased with the quality of the jewelry! Furthermore, the shopping and customer service was exceptional especially considering the product was coming all the way across the country to NY! Would highly recommend buying from them, and I’m definitely going to purchase more in the future!

Christopher B.

I've been a huge supporter of Pachulah for years now and would recommend them to anyone!! I've already got my friends and family hooked. Their quality of product and customer service is amazing. If you haven't checked them out yet you're missing out!

Jess E.

We were in Honolulu when we discovered Pachulah. We loved the unique handmade jewellery and the service was both friendly and professional. Sadly we actually lost a piece we purchased in the store but thanks again to super friendly team at Pachulah we were able to find its exact replacement and have it shipped to Australia. Highly recommended!

Johnny S.

Amazing, gorgeous jewelry and the most friendly staff. Love their stuff!

Ashley S.

I've been buying jewelry from Pachulah for years and have always loved their designs and price point. Their jewelry makes a great gift for special occasions and anniversaries.
My experience with their customer service has been outstanding. They helped me recreate the jewelry my wife had stolen from her, which made for an unforgettable experience and surprise when I was able to get them for her again.
I highly recommend supporting this amazing business. You'll get hooked!

Darryl B.


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