Sole Options

Choose from vast array of soles for your custom pair of bespoke shoes. At the Pachulah Design House at Uptown Shopping Center in Victoria BC Canada, we offer the following options:
Dainite  British Sole manufacturer founded in 1894. Fun fact! James Bond wears this sole in every movie
Leather Hand painted leather with an array of Color’s to choose from
Commando Our hiking tread perfect for those west coast trails
Studded Leather Painted leather soles with rubber studs for tration
Mountain Grip Leather Painted leather soles with mountain tread
Topi Sole Leather sole with a rubber section for grip 
Cupsole The sneaker sole | choose a thin or thick cupsole
Wedge Soft black sole great for a casual look with functionality
Crepe A softer weather proof option great for boots and rugged dress shoe designs
Vibram Our softest most comfortable sole, the Vibram is like walking on clouds
Beveled Waist The Rolls Royce of bespoke soles, our beveled waist soles feature a gold metal toe tap for class as well as sole longevity and protection *not photographed
Although not shown in photograph, this option also available on many of our dress shoe options
The ‘Art’ Sole
Hand painted Goodyear leather soles for that once in a lifetime event
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