Perfect Fit Guarantee

Download our Feet Sizing App for a perfect fit!

We have developed an app called FeetSizr which will help ensure that you are never wrong again about what size shoe to order. You will only need a phone with a flash camera and a sheet of paper. The scan is just a one-time procedure. Our algorithm will generate a 3D mesh of your feet with accurate measurements based on the pictures you take. Once you run the first scan, we 'll store your feet data on the cloud, so you don't need to scan your feet again.

Download the app and follow the instructions (video) to take 3 pictures of each of your feet:

All 4 corners of the paper should be visible on all pictures.
Do not move your foot between pictures.
Ensure good lighting conditions on your room.
Avoid bright floors and shiny surfaces. The floor should be flat.
The paper lays flat on the floor, and your foot is covering it half way.