Pachulah takes great care in designing and crafting pieces of jewelry you can wear day in and day out. However, it goes without saying that jewelry, like ourselves, need special attention to stay flawless. So, let's start with the basics. Though some of these may be obvious to the gold and silver veterans, sometimes little reminders can help to preserve your jewelry to keep them looking brand new, forever.

Remove your jewelry when performing tasks. Exposing your alloys to household cleaning products and fluids can tarnish or ruin the patina. These tasks include working out, cleaning the kitchen & bathroom, cooking, gardening, etc.

Put jewelry on last when getting ready. Cosmetics, creams, and perfumes can contain products that will damage your jewelry. Putting jewelry on last will limit this exposure, therefore reducing potential damage.

Don't mix sports and jewelry. Though looking good at the gym is always a plus, it's best to refrain from wearing your special pieces while doing intensive exercise. Not only do you risk breakage, but the sweat and oils you produce will stick to your jewelry and create a build-up of dirt on the alloy. 

Remove your jewelry before getting in the shower. Though most of our pieces are water friendly, it is wise to refrain from washing yourself with jewelry on. As soap scum creates a film on the alloy metal, it will make the jewelry look dull or dirty. 

Now that we've looked at a few do's and don'ts of wearing jewelry, here's some insight of how to clean your pieces based on their constitution. 

Gold filled. The best thing to keep your gold filled jewelry sparkling and lasting is to clean it with warm water, and after you may use a soft cloth or polishing to dry it. Though many believe that cleansing products for jewelry can be beneficial, we've found that some chemicals in these fluids are abrasive to the alloy and can cause tarnishing. Keep it simple, and shine often. To keep it looking as good as new, store it in a plastic zip lock after it has been cleaned and thoroughly dried.

Vermeil. Refrain from wearing your vermeil pieces in chlorinated water, and also avoid any cleansing products as the chemicals can strip the gold finish. We recommend to buff your vermeil jewelry very gently with a dry soft cloth to maintain its shine and colour. Remember to frequently rotate the cloth when polishing, as to not rub in dirt you just removed. Also, make an effort to keep your vermeil pieces in air tight boxes or bags, as this reduces exposure to oxygen which in turn lessens the possibility of the metal becoming oxidized.

Gold plated. As with our vermeils and gold fills, we encourage you to buff your jewelry gently with a soft cloth after every use, as dirt and dust can accumulate when out and about. If your piece needs extra shine, don't be afraid of a little warm water however, stay away from chemical cleaning products. We do not recommend cleaning your gold plated jewelry often with warm water, as this will eventually wear the plating down. 

Sterling silver. Similarly, use a soft cloth for shine. It's important to note however, that when cleaning sterling silver you should buff it gently, and follow the grain of the piece. Also, avoid polishing pieces that are intentionally oxidized, as this will loosen the metal further and cause it to tarnish. 

For every piece of jewelry you have, you should do your best to store them separately, preferably on fabric, in an air tight bag or box. This will not only protect them from dust and dirt, but will also save them from getting tangled with each other, tarnishing due to a corrosive surface, and unwanted oxidization. 

Pachulah will not be held accountable from damaged items due to wear and tear. Treat your pieces will love and care to enjoy them for years to come.

Happy polishing!