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The prices listed are your Wholesale prices. Our Recommended Retail Price is $29-$35 USD. We do not have any requirement to stay within this price range. If you have success selling these at a higher or lower price point than you may do so. 

Select from the following logo beads

USA Stainless Steel with laser markings

Choose from the following gemstones

8mm natural gemstones strung by hand on durable black nylon cord. These bracelets are handcrafted at Pachulah Headquarters in Waikiki Hawaii. 



Lapis Lazuli

Matte Black Onyx

Red Sponge Coral

Yellow Tigers Eye

Tigers Eye

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Free Pachulah Display

Pachulah X Flip Flop Shop Program

• Minimum Order Quantity: 20

• Free Pachulah Display Stand Included 

• Mix and match gemstones and logo beads 

• Customize your order for your shops region and demographic 

• Contact for custom logo bead design requests

• logo bead available in sterling silver, plated 14k gold, solid 14k gold by request

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