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Beautiful store / high quality merchandise/ reasonable prices. Top notch staff.
Very impressed with my purchases.

Joel B.

My wife bought me the Big AL Leather Strap and the Tommy Bracelet and I haven't taken them off my wrist since. Quality stuff, reasonably priced and stylish! Can't wait to shop their menswear & shoe collection!

Esko P.

Highest Quality, Handcrafted, Luxurious Footwear for Men

Belgian Slipper

Grey Wool Flannel

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Classic Chelsea Boot

Goodyear Welted • Lux Suede Black

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Loafer with Tassel

Goodyear Welted • Painted Calf Black

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Introducing our newest collection

Pachulah Footwear

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Goodyear Welt vs Blake Stitch

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"I stopped in at their flagship during a brief visit to Hawaii. The staff are amazing and were extremely friendly. I couldn't be happier with my experience. I am very excited to check out their menswear line they are launching soon."  -Mr Kyle S. 

Tassel Loafer

Brown Wool Tweed • Green Leather Sole 

Blake Stiched

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Metal Bit Loafer

Brown Crust Leather • Medium Patina

Goodyear Welt

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Mask Loafer

Navy Crust Leather • Heavy Patina

Blake Stitched

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Leathers & Fabrics

Our Raw Materials

"A nice pair of Shoes can completely transform your body language. They can lift you up both physically and emotionally and give you more self confidence than you would ever imagine."   -unknown

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The Chelsea Boot

Goodyear Welt

Crust Leather • Heavy Brown Patina 

Brown Leather Sole

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Blake Stitch

Box Calf • Black

Black Leather Sole

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Goodyear Welt

Lux Suede • Black 

Red Leather Sole

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