Helps with kindness, generosity and friendliness through opening the heart.
Facilitates meditation and tranquility by awakening the third eye. This helps to develop intuition and self-awareness.
Increases intuition, creativity, intelligence and psychic abilities. Known as the stone of truth, honour, communication, and trust. Furthermore, it heals emotional disturbances and after affects of emotional trauma. 
Absorbs negative energy and instills benevolence and generosity. Understood to be a nurturing stone that promotes brotherhood and good will.
Said to attract new love and abundance while increasing feelings of love, forgiveness. It has healing properties and is known to release ego-based negativity.

Balances the aura which in turn provides clarity, and ease of mind. It also instigates meditation of thought.
highly protective and stabilizing stone. It Manifests in harmonizing spiritual energy from the user. Known to strengthen mental abilities, as well as bones in the body.
The ‘Stone of Health’, known to raise one’s internal fire while manifesting creative powers.
Has a calming effect that helps in stimulating conversation and awareness.
Protects the aura by keeping it clear, balanced and free from energy exuding. Allows for the transference of light through the user’s soul from other beings.
Helpful in providing unconditional love to the user and becoming centred. Creates a positive attitude toward life while recognisnzing unconscious thoughts and feelings therefore allowing exploration of these emotions and brings reasoning to them.
Encourages acceptance and enhances intuition, as well as empathy. Said to
remove obstacles and guide one toward fulfillment. Furthermore, it improves emotional wellness by balancing hormonal systems.
A rarer form of garnet. Used for emotional healing and inspiration. This stone stimulates love, kindness and compassion. Helps the wearer in self-worth and spiritual growth.
Enhances all the positive aspects of an individual's personality, while helping in achieving and accepting success with humility. Associated with energy renewal, rejuvenation, and overcoming obstacles.

Known as the stone of success, as it is a magnet of money, prosperity and abundance. Moreover, it raises self-esteem and provides the user with good luck in business endeavours.
This stone arouses passion, clarity and understanding of one’s mind, body & soul. It also opens up the possibility of joy, light and spontaneity of life.