Meet the Founder and Designer

Meet Mandy Welch - Born in Vancouver, British Columbia, and raised on Vancouver Island, she combines her love of fashion and obsession with gold to create her effortless "model off duty style" jewelry collection.

From the start, creating and designing jewelry was Mandy’s passion.  As a young girl, she was completely enamored by all gemstones - their meaning, their history, their sparkle.  She later attended the Victoria College of Art where she was engulfed by the atmosphere that embraced her creativity. She learned design composition strategies, focused strongly on aesthetics, and fell in love with the way the jewelry made her feel and the confidence it brought her.  She hopes her pieces bring consumers that same confidence, and empowers them to embrace their unique beauty.

Mandy aims to accentuate everyone’s natural beauty rather than distract from it.  Her design philosophy is to create dainty yet daring pieces that catch the eye.


About Pachulah

The boho luxe jewelry brand Pachulah is owned and operated by husband and wife, Danny and Mandy Welch.  When worn, Pachulah pieces are meant to invoke self love and self appreciation, which is fitting as “Pachula” in spanish means "a gift for you my beauty".  Whether your Pachulah piece is a gift to yourself or someone special, it is a reminder that we deserve the exceptional.

What began as a local handmade business in 2015, Pachulah has quickly grown and gained recognition through Mandy's trendsetting designs, which can be seen on women all over the globe.  Each piece is carefully crafted and handmade with love to fit you.

Pachulah opened it’s first retail boutique in 2016 at the elegant outdoor shopping destination, Uptown Shopping Centre, in Victoria, British Columbia. The tiki-hut tropical vibe of their 360° glass boutique provides their customers with a luxury bohemian shopping experience.  On November 1st, 2018, Pachulah opened it's second retail location and flagship store at International Market Place in Waikiki, Hawaii. The store has an old Hawaiian meets tropical luxe vibe, and will feature a Hawaiian collection exclusively available at this location.

To our valued customers,

If it wasn't for you, Pachulah would not exist, and for that we are forever grateful. Thank you to each and every one of you who have stepped through our glass hut door at Uptown Shopping Centre, or the grand brass doors at International Market Place. You're support will never go unnoticed. We're strong believers that luck happens when hard work meets opportunity, and we plan to continue to work very hard by using the advice from those who are older and wiser then us and to jump on any opportunities that might come our way. It's exciting times for this new young company and it helps create so much drive and passion in us to be able to share this journey with all of you! Thank you for supporting a husband and wife on their journey in love.


Danny and Mandy Welch