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Style Confessions

Posted by Mia Ocolisanu on

Ever wonder how our Pachulah veterans layer their pieces so flawlessly? Like that double wrapped love shack on their dainty wrists? Or those sweet belly chains that can up the ante on any denim bottom? Well we've decided to let you in on some of our secrets. See, when you purchase a hand-crafted product from us, don't feel limited by what we've decided as it's main purpose. A choker can be so much more than just a choker - you just have to think outside the box.
For instance, as part of our new collection, we've introduced a belly chain that can also double as a long necklace. The Night Rider is made up of a delicate chain with intricately placed circles for added detail. Thanks to its thoughtful simplicity, you can take it anywhere, and better yet, place it anywhere. Put it around your stomach, and it drops just below the waist to accentuate your curves - no need for an over stated belt when you can keep it fun & light. But, if you're feeling like your sweet druzy necklace needs some layering, you can place the Night Rider around your neck and over your shirt, or let it fall right into your chest to make it look like a body chain. Sneaky, right? Don't worry, your secret is safe with us ;). 
If that isn't enough, ever tried wearing a choker as a bracelet? Or a choker as an anklet, for that matter? If you're anything like me, you have a hard time deciding between a couple of your fave Pachulah pieces when choosing an outfit for the day. So, I decided to break their traditional purposes to include all my well-loved Pachulah into any of my daily outfits. My love shack choker makes the perfect double wrapped bracelet when I'm feeling extra blingy. Or I've also been known to sneak it onto my ankle when my booties need a little extra sparkle.
This goes for just about any choker we have in store, and one to add to the list is definitely the Bella choker. With its robust yet lovely chain, paired perfectly with little gemstones of your choice throughout, you can wear this one traditionally or double wrapped on your anklet or wrist as well. Not to mention the Bella necklace, styled the same way but offers the potential of a triple wrapped bracelet for all your icy wrist needs. So before you decide on anything, think about all the ways you can wear it. Point is, make your style your own - who knows you may surprise yourself, and maybe even some of our mains. Keep our secret & happy layering, babes. 
In order of appearance -
Charlie Choker, Keshi Necklace, Gypsy Necklace, Lulu Bralette & Kitten Belly Chain. 
Crush Bodychain & Shallows Choker.
Hattie Finger Bracelet, Christy Bracelet & Gem Love Bracelet
Pyramid Necklace, Vixen Bodychain, Stackable Rings, Finger Bracelets, Giselle Bracelet & Gem Love Bracelet

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