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Calling All Shark Babes

Posted by Mia Ocolisanu on

Rebel much? Meet your makers babes, because we've got some delicate, yet edgy shark teeth gems that will send you all in awe. Designed for our radical and adventurous darlings who like to be noticed for their raw and natural beauty; these jewels give you a glimpse into the world of underwater treasures. Found off the coasts of our mesmerizing seas, these baby shark teeth are part of the essence of West Coast glam.

Combine your necklace, choker, or shark earrings with anything and everything in your closet - from your suede mini to your lace-up long sleeve - to give your look that much-desired boldness for this cool autumn season. Who says we can't fashion ourselves with ocean gems for the winter? Because let's face it, even though fall is great, we all tend to miss tanning under the mid-summer sun. So of course, we need all the summer reminiscence we can get.

Thankfully, these shark teeth will keep you daydreaming about lounging by the sea, with a piña colada in hand, waiting for the shore to whisk you away into the deep. Plated in 24k gold or sterling silver, they were made to suit any babe daring enough to rep them. Coming in all shapes and sizes too, these organic gems are everything you need to feel dainty and salty come this fall.

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