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Raw Beauty

Posted by Mia Ocolisanu on

Have you ever wondered about the mystifying allure that is kept hidden in dark caves? Excavators and miners explore from all over in the hopes to discover such beauty buried in the crevices of the earth. With adventure in mind, we have been able to get our hands on some stunning, semi-precious gems for all of our worldly babes looking for some raw material to incorporate into their everyday ensembles. 
With a variety ranging from geode agate and druzy quartz to geode druzy amethysts, each piece is one of a kind, and therefore only adding to the whimsicality that is each of our babes. Truly made for the free-spirited and open-minded, our statement pieces in particular are the very items you need to reach full potential of your outfits in any event. Crafted and plated in 24k gold, this unique piece of geode and druzy amethyst is sure to turn heads for its authenticity and organic vibe. Meet the Violet. 
Similarly, a piece that resembles the Violet in its make, but carries a more subtle and nature-inspired warmth is the Raven. Contrived from a mixture of different substance layers to form together one gorgeous stone known as agate, its cool hues of dark browns and ivory whites make for the perfect neutral statement piece.
And if you're a daintier babe who tends to lean towards the finer, smaller things in life we also have just the thing. Its a tribe favourite, as all of our babes need to have one of their own, known as the Chella necklace. Again, each is unique in its irregularity with many variations of colour, shape, depth and texture. But it remains to be a subtler find that still manages to honour raw beauty at its finest. 
In order of appearance - 
Chella Choker 
The Violet
The Raven 

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