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New Year, New Collection

Posted by Mia Ocolisanu on

As the Holiday season finally comes to a close, it's time to say hello to a New Year, and of course hello to a new you. Whether your New Year's resolution involves more exercise, healthier eating, or simply doing more of what you love, the best way to do that is looking good while you're still motivated ;). So, as we're passing along these hellos, why don't you go ahead and give our newest collection a warm welcome. 
Since this January is going to be one of our iciest months yet over here on the West Coast, we have been inspired by the frost's shimmer and glistening allure. The way we see it, the more sparkle - the better. And with that, may we present to you the Brighter Than Your Future choker. We mean this in no offence, as its simply the truth. Made with tiny crystals to bring radiant qualities to any outfit, this piece is sincerely a work of art & hand-crafted by our very own. 
Eye-catching, isn't it? This icy choker is unsalted, making it all the more dangerous for anyone who lays their eyes on it. It's one of those pieces that speaks for itself, and it's the only jewelry you'll need to finish off any basic bodysuit, or that LBD that seems to always be needing a little extra something. 
For our babes who love to layer their jewelry, we've also got just the things. As the Brighter Than Your Future choker really doesn't need much else, we've designed some chokers that look effortlessly put together, all layered up. Introducing the Aquila, the Bella, and the Glenna chokers. These jewels are the ultimate comrades, as they can stand alone beautifully, but together they make an amazing threesome. And if that wasn't enough, every single one of these chokers are water safe, making them totally wearable for any event. 
Let's make 2017 glisten. Cheers to a new, sparkly you, babe. 
In order of appearance - 
Love Shack Choker (worn as a double-wrapped bracelet).

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