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Mix It Up & Mix It In

Posted by Mia Ocolisanu on

Being able to experience style in this age is seriously a blessing. With so many designers pulling old fashions into a new, its easy to come up with your own ensembles varying dramatically from day to day. Leather thigh highs and a tight mini one day, and oversized denim jacket and mom jeans the next? Do it. Vampy make-up Thursday night, and delightfully nude face for Friday night? Love it. While some things are better off left in the past (I'm looking at you shoulder pads), other styles have made major come backs, and we are so happy to welcome them. And with beauty consistently changing also comes changes of old traditions and taboos. Is it just me, or are we all so glad that mixing gold and silver is finally no longer a taboo? 
We have decided to capitalize on this subtler yet still super hot trend. I mean, easy is breezy, right babes? And what looks more cazh then mixing in some alloys to give your outfit more depth. Screw trying to match your bronze Gucci belt with more bronze - adding silver to your dainty fingers will not only amplify your look but also be the crowning piece to your vibe. If What Not To Wear taught us anything, its that your purse and shoes do not need to match, so why should your jewelry?
With mixing precious metals comes new territory. And as this trend is still on the rise, I can understand your reservations. But, have you ever thought of adding a precious gem that could completely transform your perspective on merging two metals? The one on my mind is an obvious one; one that your mother loves and your grandmother will eventually pass down - a simple jewel formed at the bottom of the ocean. If you haven't guessed it, its a pearl (duh). These lovely gems offer so many possibilities, as their simplicity and luminosity are incomparable. The whites of a pearl have the ability to pick up all the colours that surround them, giving back ten fold the beauty in their sparkle. 
As pearls are naturally iridescent, they are the perfect jewels to incorporate in your gold bracelet while wearing a silver necklace, as its capable of catching all of those spectral hues and portraying them back onto the metals - as well as your skin. Pearls give new meaning to the word transitional, as they offer a service like none other before: providing our babes with the ability to conjoin alloys fashionably and whimsically. So get mixing, babes. 
In order of appearance -
Charlie Choker, Textured Gypsy Necklace, Keshi Pearl Necklace, Kitten Bellychain & Lulu Bralette 
Lumi Choker, Tia Choker & Gypsy Necklace

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