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Little Love for Finger Bracelets

Posted by Mia Ocolisanu on

Finger bracelets are just that. Bracelets that hug not only your sweet wrists, but also your delicate fingers. Definitely not something you see everyday, but isn't that the reason why you need it. It's a traditional way of Indian culture to adorn yourself in dainty jewelry to accentuate your already naturally beautiful selves.
Commonly used in weddings and other unifying events of this culture alike, its a piece that speaks volumes about the kind of woman who wears it: free-spirited & stylish. A piece like this, ties in the rest of your outfit by connecting every last bit of you - right to the tips. 
Trust me, once you start wearing one, it'll be weird to go a day without it. The way they sit on your hand bring a lovely elegance to the wrist & fingers that will keep you feeling graceful day in & day out. Get yours before anyone else does, and you'll be known as the ultimate trend-setter amongst your friends. 
Our finger bracelets come in yellow gold, rose gold or sterling silver. And most of them are water safe and even tend to have a little gem for some added sparkle. Hurry up babes, and start trending. 
Models in order of appearance -
Finger Bracelets in order of appearance -

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