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If you've had the pleasure of experiencing Pachulah in all its grandeur, then you've either spotted, worn, or bought one of our many winsome pieces. In our little boutique, we offer a service like none other, as a one on one consultation to find our guests the perfect piece for any given occasion. Ranging from styles of free spirit to elegance - and everything in between - we live for adorning beautiful people in stunning jewels. Now, we are thrilled to invite our lavish babes to share their love for gems with the rest of the world through their own social media. Doesn't matter if you're an Insta Model or just starting out, we want to see our babes in their Pachulah gems!
Your everyday, enviable West Coast lifestyles is what we're after. If you're enjoying the beach, ceasing a photo op or possibly doing something adventurous, make sure to show it off in your Pachulah style. The cleaner the shot, the better chance you'll win. The focus is you, but the game is the gem, so flaunt it in a way that represents you, and the style & grace of our little boutique. Don't pass up the opportunity to up your layer game and transform your taste for jewelry. As a special thanks to the babes who do post their flawless Pachulah ensembles, we are offering a weekly giveaway for the best posts that embody sultry, authentic and candid moments. 
Our weekly winners will be gifted with a 25$ coupon for our Uptown Location or Online Store to put toward a new piece of jewelry! And for our extra dedicated babes, we've decided that the winners are eligible for rewards more than once if they keep posting the best of the best! Make sure to tag us in your picture, and add in our trademark hashtags with every post: #pachulah, #pachulahtribe & #treatyoself. So we see it when you post it! Good luck, and welcome to our Pachulah Tribe, babes.  


Images taken from Instagram. In Order of Appearance:

Alexis Ren

Julie Sarinana


Kristin Sundberg


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