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Choked Up for the Holidays

Posted by Mia Ocolisanu on

Babes, we have what you're looking for. You know, those effortlessly gorgeous chokers all layered up on your pretty little necks to keep from the windchill? What's a peacoat without them? If you happen to be like me and love to get all bundled up in lovely layers of wools and scarves, you will adore having peaks of glimmer coming through all those knits to really give 'em something to talk about.  With your choice of either gold or silver, you won't want to ever take them off, and luckily you won't ever have to. 
For our newbies, if you don't know which chokers I'm talking about, be prepared to fall in love and add them to your Christmas wish list. To start off, meet our staple choker, the Love Shack. Its a choker that says 'I'm breezy and cazh' but is still so easy to dress up. As one of the latest fashion trends hitting the market, you could still be one of the first to be a part of this alluring look. With stunning golden or sterling circles hugging your neck, how could you not be feeling warm & fuzzy this holiday season? 
As part of our new collection, let me introduce to you the Aquila choker. This choker is all about glam, glam, glam. Which is so necessary when your everyday looks can start to get bland being covered in cozy fabrics. But, who says you can't be cozy while looking hella glamorous? In fact, I support it. Because this Aquila is everything that you need to feel fabulous in even the most basic of attires. With little crystal cubic zirconias as the focus, its a darling piece that catches so much light you're bound to get all the attention you've been missing. 
Better yet, pair these chokers together and get ready to be astounded. Though so beautiful separately, the two together make the perfect bundle of shimmer to adorn your already charming selves. What more? These two pieces are totally water safe, so you can take them to the beach whenever you get to finally head off on vacay. Merry holidays, babes & don't forget to layer up.
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