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Welcome to our first store!

Posted by Manda Green on

 Four weeks today marks our soft opening of our first brick & mortar store, Pachulah. It's a beautiful kiosk with 360º windows. It feels like an elegant glass hut, now adorned with all the pretty things! We're located at the beautiful Uptown Shopping Centre, which is my new favourite spot in Victoria. They nailed it - it's everything Victoria needed.  It's just such a beautiful space, with gorgeous architecture, detail and design, and who doesn't love an outdoor shopping centre. I'm pretty happy sitting here everyday - I get to watch all the beautiful people walk past and there's a lovely family of birds playing in the daffodils outside my window. Happy.

You can find us right next to Starbucks, across the street from H&M.

So seeing as no one has ever heard of anything called Pachulah before, we knew that this was our chance to really make a great first impression. We didn't skimp on any detail, and we put our hearts together and really got to work on designing the shop. Everything was super last minute, so we really only had 2 days to pull everything together. By some miracle, Dan was looking online and found these amazing secondhand handmade maple display cases (which I said no to at first - so happy he talked me into it!) so we scooped them up immediately, and we got them for a great deal. I had seen my wooden displays online a few months ago and knew I had to have them. I think they really make the gold and silver stand out, and you really get a feeling of how the jewelry will look when it's on. It's something different, that people haven't seen before - which we're all about.

Given that the kiosk is a glass hut, with beautiful cast iron designs, I really picked up a "tiki hut" kind of feeling from it, which, of course, I adored. So I went with my theme "Tropical Chic" to really pull the space together. It's a smaller space at 160 square feet, so I knew I needed a powerful layout so it didn't feel cramped. As opposed to a common counter-like checkout, I went with a consultation table in the back-centre of the space, which I think really makes the space open as it creates a U-shape. It also doubles as my work bench, as I can make some of my jewelry throughout the day in the shop. Two birds, one stone right?! The high-traffic windows are loaded with displays, facing out so that everyone can see the gems as they walk past. My day is made when someone walks past and stops abruptly to check out my gems.

We're beyond excited, and happy to announce that our first four weeks in the shop have gone better than we could have imagined. If you haven't had a chance to make it down to the shop, or if you live far away, then this post is for you. I'm incredibly grateful for all the love and positive feedback everyone has given me. I think the scariest time, the times where we take risks and a chance in ourselves, is also the most exciting part of life.


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