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21 Questions with Sarah Hilton

Posted by Mia Ocolisanu on

Tell us a little about your morning ritual. 
First thing in the morning I put a coffee pot on. I then drink a tall glass of water, wash my face and then finally, coffee. 
Favourite get-up and go song?
DANG! - Mac Miller 
What is a typical day in the life of Sarah Hilton?
When I get home from work, I usually take my dog, Allie, for a long, lovely strollThen I start making dinner, and try to fit in some quality time with my beau.
What is the most rewarding part of your job?
Getting to be included in a creative process that empowers myself and others. 
 Can you describe your style? 
I'd say it's a mix of cozy boho, and street chic.
Who is your biggest style crush & influence? 
Mimi Elashiry.
Current obsession? 
Pachulah's anklets. They're everything. 
Gold or Silver? 
I really love both but, if I have to choose it'd be gold.
Vacation destination goals?
Favourite spot in the whole world?
Under a palm tree in Maui. 
Your go-to piece of jewelry? 
Chokers. Simply can't go without.
What do you do on a daily basis to empower yourself? 
What do you do to empower other women?
Be honest when giving advice and encourage them to unapologetically follow their hearts.
What life accomplishment has made you proud of yourself?
I traveled through Germany for a month at the age of 18.
 What experience has made you a stronger person?
Moving out on my own to a different city when I was 19.
Anything huge for Sarah Hilton in 2016?
For the remainder of 2016, I am focusing on my health, and overall happiness. As well as expanding my online presence.
What is the best piece of advice you have ever received? 
You don't have to experience the world the way you've been told to.
What will you be in your next life?
An owl!  
What's something people may not know about you?
 Though I really do love modelling, I also really like being behind the camera where I can photograph and inspire others. 
Tell us a little about your nighttime ritual.
Shower. Yoga. Read. Cuddle... In that order. 
What is the best part of your day? 
Sarah is wearing the Leo Choker in Gold in her first picture. And in the second to last picture, she is modelling the Skye Choker

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